CNY 2013 Chinese New Year 2013

by Alan on December 5, 2012

CNY 2013 or  Chinese New Year 2013 (春节 2013)

The Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival is the most important holiday to the Chinese people. To the people of China, this festival is like the West’s Christmas and the New Year rolled into one. Beginning dusk till dawn, the whole country dances to music accompanied by a lot of eating. The Chinese are known all over the world for their uniqueness in everything. From the songs they dance to the food they eat during the season, everything is unique. The Chinese New Year marks the start of the New Year according to the lunisolar calendar of the Chinese.

CNY 2013 Origins


 No one is exactly sure how the festival originated. There is a theory that a long time ago, a monster referred to as ‘nian’ used to attack villages in China every spring. The monster could eat everything it found including animal, people, buildings and also plants. One spring before it could attack, the villagers hung paper red in color on the doors of their houses. Upon arrival, the monster was met by bamboo sticks with fire which were thrown at him. The loud crackling bamboo which was burning and the bright colors made the monster flee.

CNY 2013The initial monster’s name ‘nian’ is today’s Chinese word meaning year. From that day, paper signs that are red in color are hung together with lanterns outside every home. The Chinese people celebrate by making loud noise on New Year’s Eve. Today, bamboo is no longer used. Firecrackers are used to make loud popping noises that are much louder, bigger and better. During this festival, a family reunion dinner is held. This is the time that all members of the family come together for a meal. Those who work in far places and also those who study avail themselves.

The family members normally meet at the parent’s or elder brother’s home for the celebration. Multiple courses are a common sight at the reunion dinner. Delicacies like fish, pork and chicken are served accompanied by salad eaten with chopsticks. Noise, laughter and fun are also part of the meal. Gifts are also given freely during the celebrations. Children are given red envelopes which they open. The envelopes contain money in most cases which is distributed equally by family members to unmarried relatives who are young.

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When is CNY 2013

Date of CNY 2013 / Chinese New Year 2013

CNY 2013, Spring Festival 2013 (Chun Jie / 春节 2013) will be celebrated officially on February 10th 2013. There will be lots of fun and glamour accompanying the festive season. Songs with traditional beats and rhythm will be danced to, food with traditional appeal will be served and family members united by love will come together to celebrate. Nothing has changed to the people of China as far as celebrating the Chinese New Year is concerned. The only difference with the festivities done in these days when compared to those done in the early days is the passing of years. The essence in the first celebration is still reflected in celebrations done nowadays. The only slight difference is the fact that nowadays for CNY 2013 there is a modern touch which makes the celebrations much better.

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Happy Lunar New Year 2013 ! Happy Spring Festival 2013 !

Happy Chinese New Year 2013 ! Happy CNY 2013 !

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