5 Elements of Chinese Astrology 2014

by Alan on October 13, 2013

The Strengths and Weaknesses of the 5 Elements of Chinese Astrology 2014

The five Chinese Zodiac elements are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. Each of these elements is reliant on one of the other elements. None of these elements can survive on their own, they are created by one another and are dependent on each other. There are two cycles in Chinese Astrology, a Generating (Production) cycle and a Controlling (Regulating) cycle that provide some context of the universal balance that develops within these elements and makes it possible for people to appreciate and understand the strength and weaknesses of these elements.

5 Elements of Chinese Astrology 2014

The 5 Elements of Chinese Astrology 2014 depend on one another.

Production Cycle.

Each of the five Chinese Zodiac elements will produce a related element. Metal is responsible for water because it is the material that makes up the containers that bring the water. Water, in Chinese Astrology is considered a cultivation element which aids in the development of wood. The element of Wood is converted into the element of Fire through the burning of the Wood. The element of Fire provides important elements into the Earth as the remains fall into the Earth. The element Metal is taken from the earth.

Governing Cycle.

In Chinese Astrology each element governs another element similar to how one person could be a good partner for another individual in life. This cycle is known as the Controlling Cycle and it explains how each element actually governs another element. Water puts out Fire. The Earth soaks up the water and disperse the water to different areas. The Wood through the use of the roots of trees works to keep the Earth united. The Metal governs the Wood as it provides the substance to make axes which enable people to chop the trees and create Wood.

Each element as a governing boundary just as people each have someone who seems to balance them.

There are specific characteristics, both strengths and weaknesses, that act as identifiers of people born under the elements of Metal, Earth, Fire, Wood and Water.

Metal Element

Positive and Negative Attributes of People Born Under the Metal Element.

People born under the element of Metal are usually very motivated individuals who hate to lose in whatever activity they are involved. A person born under this element is usually a leader who is self-sufficient, determined, and unafraid. If ever you are going to be involved in a confrontation it is a very good idea to have someone born under this element on your side because they are fearless.

Individuals of this element are believers in doing things the correct way. These are people you can trust as they are very principled and structured. In addition, the person born under this element possesses very strong money instincts. If you have the opportunity to work with someone in business who you are aware was born under the element of Metal you should definitely make the time to build this relationship because they are predisposed to making money from their activities.

The negative characteristics of people born start with the fact that they are usually outspoken yet undemonstrative. It seems like this is a strange combination but when you consider the fact that they are usually leaders it makes sense because they expect their orders or requests to be fulfilled without question. People born under this element can be both uncompromising and ruthless as some of the best leaders have been shown to be in history. Metal born individuals have no difficulty ending an association with people who do not meet their requirements or have the audacity to express a differing opinion of an issue.

Earth Element

A person born under the element of Earth has some similar characteristics but there are some traits that make it easy to distinguish them for other types of people.

Positive and Negative Attributes of People Born Under the Earth Element.

Someone born under the Earth element is usually a good planner who is also focused and realistic. This individual is not an optimist so if you are having a bad day and you need someone to boost your spirits this is not the person to go to.

An Earth element person is a diligent worker who does not exaggerate anything. This is a good thing if you are in business because you will always know in what direction a company may be moving, good or bad. This person is someone who enjoys starting companies and being their own boss. An Earth element individual is skilled in money management and is deemed by many to be trustworthy. One might associate these individuals with Accountants or Financial Managers.

If you are an Earth element person or you know of someone born under this element you will be able to recognize some of their weaknesses. They are very traditional, they can be miserable and they cannot fathom taking a risk or being creative. One aspect of this individual can be extremely positive or negative depending on the situation is that they are unduly vigilant. So if you are out on a date with this person you may find this appealing but if you happen to make a joke that an Earth individual disagrees with they will argue or defend themselves to a far greater extent than necessary.

Fire Element

The Earth individual is traditional but those individuals born under the element of Fire are impulsive and appealing.

Positive and Negative Attributes of People Born Under the Fire Element.

Those individuals who are born under this element possess a magnetic appeal that results in them becoming the center of attention wherever they go without seemingly having to try. This individual is an excellent speaker who possesses a brilliant, creative mind. This individual possesses innate boss characteristics that people notice just from the way the individual conducts themselves in public. Someone who is born under this element is usually optimistic and always motivated toward the achievement of some goal.

The weakness of this person is that they do not enjoy their own solitude. This individual prefers to have company and can be restless and temperamental in various situations. Fire individuals are used to being leaders and thus can be seen controlling, selfish and rude. This individual is very combative and can become belligerent and hostile when challenged.

Wood Element

A person born under the Chinese Zodiac element of Wood is a much different person than one born under the element of Fire.

Positive and Negative Attributes of People Born Under the Wood Element.

A person who is born under this zodiac sign is usually very unselfish, charitable and friendly. They are not considered a leader but they are willing learners who are self-assured and fearless. A Wood element individual is a planner and is very malleable to different conditions and situations. This individual handles change very well.

However, while they a person born under the Wood Element is a willing learner they are not a resilient or persistent individual. If they are confronted with a challenging situation they are not averse to quitting. This individual is not great with money, is very tentative and constantly will get involved in things that are beyond their capabilities.

Water Element

People born under the Chinese Zodiac element of Wood and those born under the element of Water are very different.

Positive and Negative Attributes of People Born Under the Water Element.

Individuals born under this zodiac element are very tactful and knowledgeable individuals. They are detail-oriented individuals who will quickly recover from a setback and are relentless in the pursuit of their goals. They are very understanding of others and their mind possesses an exceptional recollection ability.

The ability of individuals of this zodiac sign to bounce back from adversity might be part of the reason this individual at times can be viewed as egotistical and greedy. Interestingly, this individual can be passive and prefers to work with others as they are not known for being independent.

The five zodiac elements of Chinese Astrology complement one another and balance each other out. Knowing the strength and weaknesses of each can provide an individual with a way to choose the best team for their business or the person with whom they can have the most successful and enjoyable personal or business relationship.

Take the time to find out the zodiac element in which an individual or group of people are born and your likelihood of success will be enhanced significantly in whatever the endeavor you are pursuing.

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Mizan October 19, 2013 at 12:38 pm

Chinese Astrology seems very interesting. I liked all of them narrated here specially the one about water.


aljun merino December 7, 2013 at 12:59 pm

.. its so fan here in 5 elements .. wood,water,metal,earth,fire , but there is elements its so positive and negative to our community this coming year it should safe because dangerous….


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Very interesting, Chinese Astrology more updated than Western Astrology, thanks for sharing


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