Chinese New Year Taiwan 2013

by Alan on January 6, 2013

Chinese New Year Taiwan 2013 – Experience The Beauty Of Taiwanese Culture

Taiwan is one of Asia’s must-see destination spots. The Portuguese called this vibrant island as Formosa which means “Fantasy Island”. The pristine beaches, extensive coastal valleys, lush greenery, stunning mountains, peaceful meadows and amazing tropical reefs contribute to the immense beauty of this spectacular island. It also boasts an astonishing depth of varied culture and rich heritage. This incredible island has been hailed as the one of the best places in the world to witness the genuine ancient Chinese culture. The Chinese people consider the Chinese New Year celebration as “passing the year”, which symbolizes shooing the old and welcoming the new.


When is Chinese New Year Taiwan 2013 celebrated?


As per the Gregorian calendar Chinese New year falls on any dates between January 21st and February 20th. This year the Chinese New Year starts on the 9th of February, the day before the first day of the first lunar month. It goes on till the 13th of February, which is the fourth day of the first lunar month. However the Chinese New year comes to a close with the vibrant Lantern festival on the 24th of February, which is of course the fifteenth day of the first lunar month.

How is Chinese New Year Taiwan 2013 celebrated?

Chinese New Year Taiwan 2013The festivities, fun and celebrations last as long as fifteen days, till the 24th of February. Houses are cleaned before the Chinese New year celebrations followed by the traditions of family dinner and children receiving cash tucked in red envelopes. The children express joy and excitement on receiving red pockets as Chinese New Year gifts. New Year celebrations in Taiwan is marked by colorful and vibrant festivities like the Chinese lion and dragon dances, fireworks display, offerings and thanks giving at temples, delectable traditional delicacies and bombing of Lord Handan with crackers. The atmosphere is filled with fun and excitement all through the fifteen days.

The Lantern festival:

The Chinese New Year celebrations come to an end with the vibrant Lantern festival celebrated across Taiwan. Temples and homes are illuminated with exquisite lanterns in shapes of flowers, animals to the animated lanterns. Lanterns depicting Chinese mythology to the more eclectic themed ones are also popular. Spectacular parades are conducted on the streets with children carrying colorful lanterns. The highlight of this lantern festival is the giant lantern depicting the current year’s zodiac animal. The celebrations are high-tech in Taipei where a huge lantern is displayed which features fireworks display, lasers and special effects. Lantern contests are also held among the school children to see who has the most creatively designed lantern.

What a tourist can expect during the Chinese New Year Taiwan 2013 celebration:

The air is filled with joy and jubilation and it is great time for the international tourists to experience the rich culture of the Taiwanese people. A variety of artistic and cultural events mark the Chinese New year celebrations. The exhibitions on photography, calligraphy and water-color painting are a feast to the art lovers. One can also enjoy the pre-Chinese New Year samples of seaweed, dried fish, octopus balls and the cheese cake on Tihua streets. Last but not the least you can gorge yourself by the local cuisine. The Taiwanese are food lovers and this is the right time to experience their traditional, local cuisine.


Get geared to celebrate the Chinese New Year 2013 in Taiwan, “The land of good things in life “and explore the various myths and traditions. Plan your tip today and get ready for the fun and excitement that Taiwan has in store for you.

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Happy Chinese New Year Taiwan 2013!

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