Year of the Dragon Meaning 2014

by Alan on January 12, 2014

Year of the Dragon Meaning in 2014: What’s Your Faith


2014 is the Year of the Horse – and what happens when this animal meet the Dragon? Horse is a ground animal. As for the Dragon meaning, the air is his territory. Both are leaders of their own but analytically, they don’t have direct conflict. As the soul imaginary animal in the Chinese Zodiac Calendar, how strong is the Dragon on the Year of the Wood Horse?

Let’s go dig in.

Profiling the Dragon

year of the dragon meaning 2014The Dragon is believed to be a bearer of good fortune, the leader and master of authority. People who are born under the Year of the Dragon are respected individuals whose voices are the authority. They can quite stubborn and self-centered. Dragons have sharp tongue and are normally hot-headed. They are naturally bossy and are dominant. They are not scared of challenges or of risks. Put a big boulder or obstacle in their way and they will love it instead.

On the other side of the coin, the Dragon is a good protector and provider. Someone who is willing to sacrifice his life for his loved ones.

The Dragon’s Career in the Year of the Wood Horse

It wouldn’t be a good idea for the Dragon to apply aggressiveness to his career’s competition this year. Changing a career on the start of 2014 is not a good idea either. The Up-and-Down Star this year symbolizes uncertainty for the Dragon’s life. When it comes to business, a lot of competitions will boom out this year. Among all of them, the Dragon should be careful of the Horse, for this year is all about the Horse’s domination. The Dragon should scrutinize every opportunity laid in front of him because not all of them are chances but are pitfalls. When signing a contract, Dragon people are advised to seek advises from their lawyer first.

The Dragon’s Relationships in 2014

The life of the Dragon on the year 2014 will be surrounded by a lot of fake people. He should know who his friends are and who hide behind sweet smiles.

The Dragon’s aggressiveness and arrogance might make him a good boss but these traits will lead to huge debacles with relationship. He should learn to listen to his love ones’ voice and opinions. For those parents who are born under the year of the Dragon horoscope, they should learn to listen to their children’s opinions. The Dragon should also give more time to his family and friends rather than sticking most of his time to his business or career.

The Dragon’s Financial Life

Company outings, business meetings, out of town trips – these are what the Dragon’s 2014 are made of. This year is the time where he should avoid unnecessary, luxury spending. Although spending for fun may be worth it, everything should be set in a budget to avoid financial pitfalls. For those businessmen who are born under the Year of the Dragon, you are advised to get a financial advisor to help you manage your finances. Financial forecasting should also be done ahead of time.

The Dragon’s Health in 2014

Older people who are born under the Year of the Dragon should begin paying attention to their blood, intestines, gall and stomach. Middle-aged Dragons must take care of their skins. Dragon people of all ages are also prone to emotional stress; hence, they are recommended to relay their problems to their adviser or trusted friends. Because of too much pressure in finance, career and love, the Dragon’s health may be below average in 2014. He is advised to find meditative routines to relieve his stress. Away-from-the-cubicle activities such as sports and trekking are good stress reliever for the outdoorsy dragons while movies times with family would suffice for those who Dragons who love to stay indoors.

What the Dragon can expect in 2014

When it comes to money and love matters, the Horse may bring luck to the Dragon’s life although it is highly recommended for the Dragon to avoid dodging to too many risks. Contracts and documents that involved legal matters must be scrutinized well, better yet, should be scanned first by a lawyer. With his determination and perseverance, 2014 should end up a satisfying year for the Dragon. The biggest obstacle for the Dragon this year is to control his aggressiveness and avoid throwing sharp words towards his fellow. This mannerism affects greatly how his life will run on the Year of the Horse.

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