Year of the Snake Meaning 2014

by Alan on January 13, 2014

Year of the Snake Meaning 2014 What Awaits For You

Do you know that the Year of the Horse 2014 can bring both bad and good luck to the Snakes? With interesting natural traits of their own, will the Snake have a lucky year this 2014? Will he be fortunate as he was last year? Let’s find out.

Profiling the year of the snake 2014 Based on the Chinese Zodiac Calendar

year of the snake meaning 2014Snakes are people of mystery. They are people of secrets. They don’t easily trust others as they naturally trust no one but their selves. They are reserved and they normally put boundaries around them. These traits are because Snakes always see negativity on the people who surround them.

The Snake might not easily trust others but they are trustworthy individuals who can keep even your darkest secrets. More on, Snakes possess excellent communication skills. They can easily comfort you during your down times. They’ll make good speakers, advisers and sales personnel.

People who are born under the Year of the Snake have great wisdom and value their moral. They respect cultures and religions despite of differences. They might look calm and collected but they also have their fierce side. They can be very mean when upset. They hate being betrayed and they can be very vindictive.  When around with their friends, the Snake can be very jolly and care-free. He enjoys homely activities like reading during rainy season or watching movies after a stressful day at work. Despite of the Snake’s happy characteristics they tend to be jealous at times.

The Snake’s Health in 2014

When it comes to the health aspect, 2014 may not be an excellent year specially for the children and elderly Snakes. Their immune system becomes weak. Regular physical examination is recommended. Mental stimulation will never be an issue to the Snake’s life this 2014 although he may need solitude from time to time. Too much social life that involves too much alcohol drinking will bring risks to the Snake’s health. Drink moderately, as they say. Cold food intakes must be lessened and regular activities which involve physical movements are advised.

The Snake’s Career on the Year of the Wood Horse

Snakes are advised to not pursue big changes this year. He should also be cautious when signing up for the so-called “new opportunities”. When it comes to his work life, everything is predicted to run smoothly but there should be balance between work and physical condition. Take time to rest. Many people from work will ask for the Snake’s advice. New colleagues are more likely to become his close friends but some of the newbies in the company will be his enemy.

The Snake’s Financial Life on 2014

Sometimes, the Snake has his own lazy mode which delays progress on the financial aspect. For the Snake to gain a productive 2014, he must double his effort and finish what must be done long before the deadline. He should also be careful on obligations attached to signed contracts. The Snake’s home is also prone to theft this 2014. Robbers may also come their way; hence, security measures must be implemented. As for your properties, you are advised to get insurance.

The Snake’s Love Life on the Year of the Horse

The mysterious nature of the Snake will attract the opposite sex. A lot of “love” opportunities will be laid to the Snake’s life in 2014 although it would be hard to pick which since it takes time to gain the Snake’s trust. Snakes might show emotional detachment from time to time and this aspect must be worked on. The Snake’s mistrust towards other might be a good thing on business matters but this will lead conflict on relationships. The Snake should begin taking his own advice to improve his relationship matters.

What Awaits the Snake in 2014

The Snake’s wisdom will be in demand this year. Many people will seek for the Snake’s advice. Even long-distant relatives and friends will visit the Snake to ask for his advice. Because the Snake is prone to sickness this year, he is recommended to do routinely exercise to strengthen his immune system. As for his relationship, the Snake is advice to become open towards his loved ones. To avoid arguments, facts must be verified first. Last year (2013) the Snake had met his Lucky Star but 2014 would be a bit different. The Snake must put up more hard work to improve his financial status and he must socialize more to gain better opportunities.

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