Year of the Ox Meaning 2014

by Alan on January 11, 2014

Year of the Ox Meaning in 2014

Those who were born under the Year of the Ox are people believed to have strong sense of leadership and have high regards when it comes to their relationships with others. Some of the most popular leaders including Adolf Hitler, Barack Obama and Napoleon Bonaparte were Oxen.

Year of the Ox Meaning 2014People falling under the ox zodiac are industrious, patient, cautious and honest people. They have strong devotion when it comes to what they do and they tend to analyze things first before taking action. You’ll see the Ox scanning documents, researching and asking for reference before he makes a decision especially to those matters that affect his life. Even when it comes to buying his homely needs, the Ox still “investigates” about the product that he is about to purchase. Indeed, Oxen will make good investigators.

At most point of their lives, Oxen are not good communicators which lead people to think that the Ox is a prudish individual. He tend to bottle his opinions because he is afraid of hurting other’s point of views. He doesn’t want to argue on little things but he can make a good argument when needed. Oxen can be demanding at times. They wanted things to get done in time. They also have their narrow-minded and stubborn sides when it comes to making decisions for their selves.

Oxen’s Earthly Branch of Birth Year is Chou and it holds the Earth element. Oxen’s Yin Yang belongs to Yin and, according to the Chinese Zodiac, its auspicious directions are southeast, due north and due south.

So what’s in store for the OX this 2014?

The year 2014 is the Year of the Horse. This might not be a perfect year for the Bull but a lot of good things are yet to happen to his life on 2014.

Relationships for the Ox this 2014

The Ox’ biggest challenge lies to himself. If the Ox wanted to have a smooth flow in his relationships, he must start to open up his emotions toward others. Trust issues must be resolved too. Even though the Ox may want to work from dusk til dawn, he still have time to spend with his family and friends. The Ox’ “wants” for details may annoy his partner. For instance, the Ox may want to date in an expensive restaurant but he needs to know first about the restaurants’ menu, their customer service, etc. – which could be practically annoying for individuals like the Sheep who is naturally a happy-go-lucky person that doesn’t want too much hassle. For the single Oxen, they should give time for social gathering if they wanted to get a new love life in 2014.

Health for the Oxen on the Year of the Wood Horse

It’s a risky year for the Ox’ health. Work-related health issues are to expected. Because of these, the Ox’ commitment might have long delays and these health issues can greatly affect his performance at work. Those who are working in hazardous environments are advised to take extra care. The Ox is also prone to driving accidents. Oxen are recommended to wear lucky charms to eliminate bad luck.

The Oxen’s Career and Financial in 2014

There are lot of career changes waiting for the Ox this 2014 and struggles in workplace might happen. The Chinese Zodiac prediction sees many competitors on the Ox’ workplace. The Ox should remain cautious to avoid potential pitfalls. Although good amount of money may come to the Ox’ life this 2014, he should avoid lending money or becoming a guarantor for others. He should also be careful of fraud.

Overall Prediction for the Year of the Ox this 2014

The energy of the Wood Horse is considerably good for the Ox. The Ox’ career and financial matters are way better compare to last year’s situation. Oxen’s weak point lies on their “notion” to deal things alone. The challenges on the Ox’ life for 2014 would be easily resolved if he seeks help from advisors and love ones. In the matter of quarrel in between peers, family or lover, it is best for the Ox to face the issue. With the strength that the Ox possesses, life challenges are easy to overcome. Money, luck and love – all of these can be gain by Oxen but it is their diligence, perseverance and reliability that will maintain the people’s respect to the Bull. To savor the best of 2014, it is best for the Ox to start expanding his social life.

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