Year of the Rat Meaning 2014

by Alan on January 10, 2014

Year of the Rat Meaning in 2014


Chinese Astrology 2014 Generally, ancient astrology says that the Horse and the Rat could never be good friends because they fight against each other almost all the time. With this, it is predicted that a Horse can never get lucky if the year fails on the Year of the Rat and vice versa. Read below to find your lucky color for 2014 and much moreYear of the Rat Meaning 2014

As 2014 is the Year of the Wooden Horse, what kind of luck or misfortune awaits for those who were born under the Year of the Rat? Let us find out.

Luck for the Rat

The Rat’s lucky colors are green, golden and blue and his lucky numbers are 2 and 3. As for flowers, Lilly and African Violet bring luck to the Rat’s life in 2014.

Profiling the Rat Meaning

Rats may be “bad” animals to some people and are considerably tagged as household pests but in the Chinese Zodiac, the Rat attributes wit, alertness, vitality and flexibility. Those who were born under the Year of the Rat are commonly smart and goal strikers. They can be very talkative at times. They are good friends and always want to work in fast-pace. Rats could be materialistic at some point but they are very adorable and thoughtful. Just like any other animals in the Chinese Zodiac Calendar, the Rat also have their negative sides. Although Rats have natural goodness in their hearts, they can be not polite at times and can be quite selfish when their emotions cloud their judgement. Another weakness of Rats is that they lack stability and concentration making it harder for them to achieve their objective faster. Expect for the Rat to keep their emotions as they don’t normally share their feelings – not even to their closest friends.

Rat’s Career in 2014

Rat’s 2014 is more focused on his career as there are a lot of challenges waiting for him this year. Within the 365 days cycle, the Rat may jump from one work to another. At the beginning of the year, there could be a lot of job opportunities for the Rat but drought on his career will start on mid-2014. He will have hard time getting along with people at work including new colleagues and bosses. Deadlines will put too much pressure on him. It is in the nature of the Rat to easily feel frustrated and low spirited when he has to do his job again. Unfortunately, such scenarios are to be expected as 2014 is predicted to be filled with project re-dos for the Rat. Although there could be much pressure and stress, success is still possible if the Rat works hard.

The Rat’s Relationship in the Year of the Wooden Horse

Rats relationship towards his peers or lover could involved a lot of difficulties which is due to the pressure that he feels in his work place. Because the Rat will spend a lot of time focusing on his career, he may not be able to give time to the special people in his life. Single Rat people may not be able to find good friends or a lover this year because their time will be consumed by their career. The perfect bond for the Rat would be another Rat, the Monkey or the Dragon. A Snake would make a better friend than a lover for the Rat this 2014. Rats are also advised to be cautious with Rabbits and Horses.

Rat’s Health in 2014

This year, the Rats are prone to stomach-related to problem. Doctor’s appointments are to be expected. The Rat should be careful with the foods he eats specifically those when travelling. Workload may cause him too much stress leading to many health issues. It is also said that he is also prone to car accidents thus extra care should be implemented specially for those Rats who love car racing and speed.

Financial Life for the Rat in 2014

Rat’s luck on money for the year 2014 is fair – which means big financial burdens are not to be expected. There will be many money opportunities but it is predicted that for the Rat to get those dollars, he must accompany his effort with hard work. If he wins against the obstacles, the Horse will bring him good income. For those Rats who intend to make investment, be cautious with your money matters. Make sure you have a stable plan and consider all the loops and holes first.

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