Year of the Tiger Meaning 2014

by Alan on January 12, 2014

Year of the Tiger Meaning – What’s in Store for You this 2014

People who have the Zodiac of the Tiger are born to lead. As one of the most respected animals in land, it is not a big surprise that the Tiger symbolizes courage and dominance. They are noble and fearless. But will these traits help the Tiger gain a prosperous year this 2014? Let’s go find out.

Profiling the Tiger

year of the tiger meaning 2014People who are born under the Year of the Tiger stand up for what they believe in. They have that territorial sense which means that the Tiger wouldn’t give any rights to anyone who wants to take over his place. Most of the Tigers are patriots too. At times, the Tiger might appear to be selfish but their true nature lies on generosity. They just hate it when people force them to give. Tigers could be unpredictable at times. You can’t really figure out what he plans and how he plan to do things, yet, in the end, you’ll see the Tiger succeed to whatever he does.

Tigers also have magnetic characteristics. They are irresistible despite of the fact that they can be fierce. Tigers love adventures and challenges. You will see them climbing the highest mountains, doing the most hazardous adventures and going to the creepiest places in town. When it comes to work, they are dynamic and hardworking. They want to get things done in a hurry but with accuracy. You can probably imagine that it would be hard working around with a Tiger. They value speed and reliability; hence, you should act like a perfect robot worker.

Although Tigers are financially capable, they are not in-love with money. As a matter of fact, money don’t mean much to them. Despite of the fact that Tigers are fierce (sometimes mean) individuals, they make great lovers, friends or family. They are very romantic and passionate.

The Tiger’s Career in 2014

When it comes to career, the Tiger is always noted by his employer for his enthusiasm and passion for work. He is not the kind of person who just sits there and browses on social media sites during his idle times – he helps others’ tasks whenever he has vacant times. As a boss, the Tiger’s don’t want to see people wasting time.

For 2014, the Year of the Horse will bring harmony to the Tiger’s work life. The Tiger’s friends and love ones will morally backed him up this year, thus, making things easier. There are little career obstacle to be expected this 2014. He is not likely to get kicked out from his current job and bad luck is not really on its way.

The Tiger’s Love life

For single Tigers, you can easily find a lover although, it would be hard to find someone who passes your standards. The Tiger’s “prospective” lover might feel like an underdog because of the Tiger’s natural authoritative characteristics. Although these striped cats are no softies when it comes to their enemies, they can be quite lovable. The Tiger can be someone’s hero and lover at the same time. He will protect his lover for as much as he can. For the Tiger to enjoy the most of his relationships, he should go travel with his love ones and enjoy activities together. He must not become overprotective because this mannerism actually irritates the others.

The Tiger’s Financial Life in 2014

The Tiger will have stable source of income within the Year of the Wood Horse. Some of his family and friends may invite him to invest into something – which is really good if the offer is legit since the Tiger is considerably financially lucky this year. Generally investment will be good for the Tiger this year although the better financial source will be his career.

The Tiger’s Health

2014 will bring good mood to the Tiger people. He will become more active on physical activities and will have much time to travel compare to last year’s. The Tiger must be careful because he is prone to accidents this 2014. Road safety first – always. For indoor Tigers, cardiovascular and digestive system issues may occur, hence, you are suggested to exercise every now and then.

So What’s in Store for the Tiger on the Year of the Wood Horse?

In 2014, the Tiger will see that honest work and knowledge will lead to his ultimate success. As for the financial aspect, the Tiger should limit his spending and shall not borrow money unless really necessary or for emergency’s purposes. He is more likely to become a bit wealthier this 2014.

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